Expired domain auctions on Godaddy

Not sure how many of you are aware, but when you are bidding on an expired domain in GoDaddy Auctions, even if you are the winning bidder (aka winner of the auction), you are still not guaranteed the domain name. The reason for this is that the registrant still has about 2 weeks to claim that domain.

The reason GoDaddy does this – kicks off a 7-10 day auction before being sure the user won’t renew – is pretty obvious. If nobody bids on the domain,  they won’t renew it; if the domain gets bids, they renew it (for the standard nothing-fee) & then turn it over to the winner of the auction for whatever price the winning bid was. It’s a win/win for them.

To be fair, they do clearly state this in their terms. It’s just a little frustrating after placing a bunch of bids and finally winning the auction to get this email:


Wanted to feedback from anyone who uses godaddy auctions frequently, how often does this happen to you?


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