Pinboard Bookmarking is Awesome

For a while now I have been looking for a good bookmarking service. I had been using the regular FireFox bookmarks but those can get very disorganized very quickly. So I began my search for a new service.

I had used Delicious in the past, but after all the hoopla about new ownership and not knowing what will happen to that company, I’m hesitant to start using it now. After all, with bookmarking especially, you want to choose a service that will actually be around for a while.

I tried a few other free services and had the same issue with almost every one: too complicated! I just want to easily add bookmarks with tags and be able to search them. That’s it.

So I finally decided to try Pinboard because it offers a 3 day money back guarantee. When I signed up for Pinboard, the cost for registering was a one-time fee of $9.55. The cost increases by $1 for every 1000 users that sign up.

After using it for only 3 days, I’m really liking it. I would say the main reason is because it is simple and just does what is supposed to do very all. I got the FireFox extension and it’s very easy to quickly add bookmarks with various tags. You can then search your bookmarks or tags and that goes really quickly.

Anyway, what’s interesting is that Pinboard is a one man operation. If you read his blog you can tell he is very passionate about delivering a great product and he is always adding new features. You can read about how it all started here.

Bottom line is if you found this post and are considering signing up, go for it. It’s a one-time fee and a great service that you will be using for a long time.

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