WeMix.com for sale at godaddy auctions

wemix.com for sale on godaddy

Apparently this was/is an ‘online music creation community and user-generated record label founded in 2007 by hip-hop star Ludacris’, per Wikipedia. However there doesn’t seem to be much covereage of the site since it’s launch in 2008.

I doubt anybody will be able to snag this though for 2 reasons. Firstly, since there is a period after you ‘win’ the auction where the original owner still has a chance to renew the domain, there is a big chance this won’t be got by anybody. Secondly, I’ll bet there are plenty of copyright/trademark issues since it was an actual website/company. But…you never know!

Still though, always interesting to see good domains like this expire because someone ignored the $10 renewal notice (or isn’t getting them.)

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