Domaining Tips

I have been buying and selling domain names for quite a few years now and would like to share some of the things I’ve learned. I will be adding 1 new tip every week so come check back for more!

1) Sale Price on parking page

Unless your domain is worth over 10k, put a sale price on the landing page. Domainers get so caught up in all these games of trying to figure out how much the domain is worth to the buyer and what they are thinking and they don’t realize that applies mostly to more expensive domains. I cannot tell you how many times I was super excited about an idea and thought of a domain to match, typed it in, and nothing…a standard parking page and privacy on the domain…had there been a page that said ‘For Sale $900′ I very well may have bought it (or I would of saved us both some time because I was only willing to pay $200). But most domains are not unique enough for me to run around and find the persons’ email and maybe they get back to me and start playing games with price.

The benefits of posting a sale price FAR outweigh the (small) POSSIBILITY that someone would be willing to pay more had you not posted a price. Secondly, it forces you to actually think about what you want for it as opposed to saying ‘I’ll just wait till someone comes along and see’. Not having a price is stopping many people from contacting you unless your domain is super special.

2) Domain estimating tools (non-human) are worthless

This is kind of obvious to anybody who knows anything, but I see many people talking about how domainBot1000 or this bot valued their shitty domain at 100k and therefore if you pay 1k it’s a deal. Aside from the fact that even humans can’t agree on an exact valuation for any domain (it’s worth what people are willing to pay), there are so many variables involved and most are not exact formulas (how it sounds, how the word is perceived etc).

3) Know the least you are willing to take for every domain you own

Although this can be a hard process at the beginning, it really saves you a lot of time down the line. Most domainers just wait till they are bargaining to decide on the price. But your judgement is off at that point. If you know a bottom-line lowest price you’ll have a much easier time with any negotiations.

Obviously, if it is a special circumstance (like you are in need of money etc) things are different.



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